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CBSE East Zone Cluster – I Athletic Tournament (2018-2019) Venue : South Point School, Guwahati Date : 20th – 23rd September, 2018

Medals won:     Gold – 4        Silver – 1       Bronze - 4
Best Athletic Girl under 19–   Kum. Sneha Das
Srimanta Sankardev Tithi & Universal Brotherhood Day Celebration
11th September, 2018
A brief cultural programme was organized on the occasion of Srimanta Sankardev tithi & Universal Brotherhood day on 11th Sept, 2018 at VKV Dibrugarh. Smt. Rita Didi, a teacher of the Vidyalaya spoke on the significance of the day. Highlighting the role of Srimanta Sankardev, she said that Sri Sri Sankardev united people of different caste, creed and religion under the name of Eknam Ekhoron’. A brief naam was also organized. 

The Chicago speech was delivered by Kr. Ekalavya Saha of Class-VIII. Principal Sir spoke on the significance on Universal Brotherhood day. Highlighting his role as social enformer. The Principal said that Srimanta Sankardev wrote many religions book like “Kirtan Gokhona” and the creator of the famous art of drama called Bhaona.

Teachers Day Celebration 5th September, 2018
Teacher’s day was celebrated in VKV Dibrugarh on 05/09/2018. The programme was organized by class-XI students, classes were conducted by senior secondary students & class-X students of the Vidyalaya. Acting teachers successfully conducted the classes after which a cultural programme was conducted where teachers were felicitated by ALUMNI group of school and premises students. Alumni group led of alumni of 87’  Batch Sri Jiten Dutta shared with the students that learning the school was a sad experience and associating themselveswith the school once again would give them a relining experience the old atmosphere. The principal shared with the students how each and every experience in the school world defines their identity outside the school in the long run.
Janmasthami Celebration 3rd September, 2018

A brief cultural programme was conducted in VKV Dibrugarh for Janmasthami or Gokulastami on 03/09/2018. Dr. Narayan Upadhyaya, former principal, AMC, Dibrugarh and. HOD of AMC (NEUROLOGY) dept. was present on the occasion as a chief guest. In his speech interestingly, Dr. Upadhyaya spoke on the significance and importance of gita chanting. He said the Gita’ and the messages in it are lessons of life for small children. He gave the example of Arjun who was taught the philosophy of life and its underlying value by lord Krishna. He encouraged practicing gita chanting by student’s every day, without any restrictions and rigidness.He also addressed teacher for anger management of students by practicing the ideals highlighted in gita which anger is destructing & disillusionary. 

Krishna Bhajan , Sattriya Dance , Bharatnatyam were highlights of the programme. The anchor of the programme delivered vote of thanks on behalf of the school administrati…
Mathematics Workshop 3rd September, 2018

A Mathematics Workshop was conducted in VKV Dibrugarh for mathematics as an easy learning process. J.R Jyotirlingam Ji, Ramanujan Award winner was the Resourse Person. He conducted the workshop on how we can make mathematics as an interesting and joyful subject learning subject. He shared various easy techniques on how to do calculation a rally or by the use of our hand. He shrouds how multiplication can be done by using our figures. He also showed how can be prepare various magic square like even number magic square. Add number magic square, 3 by 3. Magic square etc. various types of magic squares and easy multiplication techniques ware highlight of the workshop. It was conducted with a motive to show how mathematics can be fun. The anchor of the programme delivered vote of thanks on behalf of the school administration, thanking the resource person, J.R. Jyotirlingam Ji for his valuable presence for encouraging our children and teacher. Class IX…