Sadhana Diwas

An interaction programme was organized for Class XI Science and Commerce. It started at 10:45 am and continued till 11:30 am. Shantanu Dev Ji, a devoted Kendra worker since 1992 conducted the session. 80 students of both the stream and all Senior Secondary teachers attended the programme.
As the importance of the programme is also commemorate Mananeeya Eknathji Janma Shati Parva, the programme focused on the dev of the skills of Eknathji which inspired many youths of our country. The prgramme started with three omkaras and chanting of Sahana Bhavatu. With an intention of developing the qualities of Eknathji, the students were divided into five groups.The objective of the groups were to discuss the interpretation of “success” and “purposefulness”. The group members were asked to list the names of personalities. Representatives from different groups shared their opinion in understanding and interpreting “success” and “purposefulness”. They listed out names of successful personalities like Kailash Satyarthi, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, Malala Yousufji, Narendra Modi, Mary Kom, Eknathji Ranade, Bhupen Hazarika to suggest their purposeful life and contribution for worth living.
Santanu ji focused on the qualities they had like passion, patience, self – confidence, hard working and perseverance. He explained “Sarthakata” as selflessness for a greater cause. Their lives were worthful for their contribution in different fields. He cited the life of Eknathji and how he visualized the target of constructing “ROCK MEMORIAL”.

Ganesh Chaturthi

  Ganesh Chaturthi was observed on 17th September, 2015 during morning Assembly hours. The significance of the day was told by student of Class VIII, Kr. Gaurav Kejriwal and a story of Ganeshji’s life. Ganesh Bhajan was performed by the students of Class VIII. The observation ended with National Anthem.


                         MANANIYA EKNATHJI PUNYATITHI
Offering Tribute
Man. Eknathji Punya Tithi was observed in our Vidyalaya during school assembly. A thought of Eknathji was delivered by a student of Class VIII. Principal of the Vidyalaya, Sri Ravindranath D. Savdeykar done the floral tribute. This was followed by a speech of student of Class VIII “Guno Mili”. After that the song “Shatasha Namana” was performed by the students of Class VIII. A student of Class VII “Sourav Mili” narrated a story based on life of Man. Eknathji. At the end the Principal of the Vidyalaya delivered the speech. In his speech he spoke about the importance and significance of the day and appreciated the students for their presentation. The observation ended with Shanti Mantra.        

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