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Prize Distribution of SGVEP

Prize Distribution of SGVEP

Celebrating the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna Mission Laitumkhrah Shilong, introduced ‘Value education’ in different standards in different schools in the last academic session(2013-2014).Our School , VKV Dibrugarh has got the opportunity to conduct Value Education class in sixth standard(in both sections). The project has given the chance to choose three toppers from each class on the basis of their performance throughout the year
·1st prize awarded toAYUSHA DAS,GUNO MILI (6A , 6B)

2nd prize awarded to KUMAR ABHINAV ,MANJEETA BARO(6A , 6B), ·3rd prize awarded to ANOV SAHA ,AYUSHMAN PATEL (6A , 6B) Prizes are distributed in the presence of our respected Vice Principal Sir . We congratulate them for their efforts in taking Value Education successfully. Hope this programme will be successful in implementing positive values in the children .

Report on Teachers’ Workshop (Laipuli, Tinsukia)

“Progress comes from the intelligence use of experience.”_Swami Vivekananda.
From 24th feb to 27th Feb, 2014 a teachers’ workshop organized by VKSPV to train the teachers in various aspects of A.B.L. i.e. Activity Based Learning and A.L.M. i.e. Active Learning Methodology. The guest of honour of this workshop was Mr. M.P. Vijay Kumar, who is the man behind this ABL & ALM system. He is a retired I.A.S. officer and he is working as a project director of sarba Shiksha  Abhiyan.(Tamilnadu)  Dated 24th February,2014:- Programme Started with Tilakam and Registration of different teachers from Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya. Total 47 teachers Participated where for ABL 32 teachers had come and for ALM 18 teachers. The programme continued with a welcome speech, Introduction of the chief guest then the main objectives of the Vivekananda Kendra which had been told by Kamalakanta Sir. In between that time Vijay Kumar ji had also told about the ALM and ABL system which included its meaning and it…


Universal Brotherhood Day (11th September, 2013)
In the evening, to mark the significance of the day, VKV Dibrugarh organised a play in Assamese entitle “ Yuva Sanyasi”, Satriya Dance, Bharat Natyam Dance, Bishnu Rava Dance staged by the students of our Vidyalaya. The programmed was held in the District Library Auditorium, Dibrugarh from 7 : 00 pm. The auditorium was full packed with teachers, audience and well – wishers.
Venue                        : Dibrugarh District Library Organised by           : VKV Dibrugarh Timings                     : 7 : 00 pm onwards Chief Guests           : Dr. Atul Goswami, Retired Prof. of English, Dept. of English, Dibrugarh University Dr. Nagen Saikia, Ex- Member of Rajya Sabha and Retired Professor of Assamese Deptt.
Attendance Students Staff Parents Well wishers Approx 200 62 Approx 150 Approx 100