Friday, 24 May 2019

Felicitation of Class X & XII 

24th May, 2019

A felicitation programme was organized at the Vidyalaya on 24th May, 2019 to encourage the achievers of Class X & XII Board Candidates, session 2018 -19, who scored more than 90% and also the subject toppers. 

The programme was graced by Dr. Surajit Borkotokey, HOD, Dept. of Mathematics, Dibrugarh University and Dr. Srithidhar Dutta, Chairman, VMC, VKV Dibrugarh. 31 achievers in total were felicitated in the brief programme which was also attended by parents, well wishers of the Vidyalaya along with students of Class IX to XII and teachers.

A parent shared her feelings of profound joy at the achievements of the school and expressed her gratefulness towards the school administrations. Guest, Dr. Borkotokey blessed the students and shared that his reason for attending was to see the prospects in the enthusiastic face of the achievers. 

He also congratulated parents and advised students to maintain their values which they have learnt from the school throughout their school life. Dr. Dutta advised students to have a balanced personality, acquiring sound knowledge of subjects, maintaining consistency in their efforts for a bigger goal of life.

Class XII Topeers
Class X Toppers

Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Three days Career Counseling Programme 

20th to 22nd May, 2019

Three days Career Counseling cum workshop was organized in the Vidyalaya from 20th to 22nd May, 2019 for the students Class XI beginners. The workshop was attended by 150 students of three streams viz. Science, Commerce and Arts. The resource person of the programme was Sri Gautam Borthakur, Asstt. Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Dibrugarh University, Alumni 2002, also a representative of an online career counseling platform “”.

He encouraged the students to love their subjects as well as teachers which will help them to achieve their goals. He also introduced different carrer oppurtunities to them. He also inspired them with different stories and case studies which will inspire them to take future decisions wisely. A fresh student of science said “We are thankful to the Principal and teachers for providing us with such opportunities in the beginning. It is a good kick start”.

Interaction Programme with Mananeeya Aparna Didi
 2nd and 22nd May, 2019
An interaction programme was held on the Vidyalaya premises on 2nd May, 2019 with Man. Aparna Didi, Secretary, VKVAPT. It was the first interaction with the teacher since she resumed her new role in VKVAPT office. The teachers introduced themselves in the presence of Aparna didi. She shared her experienced in different Vidyalayas of Arunachal Pradesh. She also motivated the teachers through different stories and anecdotes of Eknathji. Two teachers of the Vidyalaya shared their experience of associating with Vivakananda Kndra Vidyalayas and Vivekananda Kendra. Man. Aparna didi concluded with encouraging comment that all who are associated with Kendra, whether teaching or non teaching are all “Karyakartas”.
The second interaction programme was conducted on 22nd May, 2019 in the presence of the Principal of the Vidyalaya. The interaction was exclusively only for 21 senior teachers. Aparna didi spoke on the different qualities which our teachers can develop to strengthen our organization. She also highlighted the qualities of readiness, enthusiasm, co-ordination, developing relationship, communication skill, dressing style to be imbibed in senior teachers so that they play the role of “role –model” to new teachers.

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Gyan Setu Workshop on 21st May, 2019

 A group of 9 volunteers from Jnana Prodhini, Pune  have conducted the workshop

For the students of class VIII students of VKV Dibrugarh

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

“Scholastic Book Fair” 
6th May to 8th May, 2019
At Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Dibrugarh  
VKV Dibrugarh held a book fair, organized by 'Scholastic' at the behest of Principal Sri Ravindranath D. Savdeykar from 6th to 8th May, 2018 in the school. It saw an overwhelming response from students and parents. A wide range of books from all disciplines of education was displayed, and fiction saw the greatest takers.