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Vidyarambha Ceremony at VKV Dibrugarh

Vidyarambha Ceremony for new K.G. was organized in the Sanskriti Sabagriha of VKV Dibrugarh. The programme started with Mangacharan. The Mangalacharan was followed by the welcome speech by Primary In-charge, Smt. Hironmoyee Das. It was followed by group song from our Padavali. “He Vivekananda Swami” sang by the teahers of our Vidyalaya.
The Principal of our Vidyalaya enlightened the parents with the twin objectives of man-making and nation – building envisioned by Swami Vivekananda. He also took the privilege to introduce the history of Rock memorial as Kanyakumari, how it took the present shape and the works done by Vivekananda Kendra throughout the country – its centre, branch and number of educational institutions seen by it. He then highlighted about the significance of Vidyarambha ceremony as well as about parenting.
After his valuable and inspiring speech, the ritual of the ceremony began with new K.G. students sitting at the teacher’s lap, chanting “Om” and the child writing “Om”…

Saraswati Puja (13th Feb, 2016)

Saraswati Puja (13th Feb, 2016) : Saraswati Puja was observed in the Vidyalaya with mirth and gaiety unlike other years. Students, past pupils, parents and well wishers offered pushpanjali to Goddess Saraswati to receive the divine blessing of the Goddess of knowledge and learning in their lives. The devotee’s thronged in large numbers observing the rituals, contributing in maintaining the traditional fervor of the festival. Students of the Vidyalaya sang Saraswati Vandana and Bhajans under the guidance of the two music teachers of the Vidyalaya which encouraged the spiritual atmosphere of the Vidyalaya amidst merry – making tendency of the visitors buzzing around the Vidyalaya.
On the same day, the Pranpratishtha Karyakram for the new idol of Goddess Saraswati donated by Sanwalmal Deorah in the memory of Shri Richpal Deorah and Smt. Godavari Devi Deorah was formally accomplished in  the library of the Vidyalaya.
A professional purohit performed the Puja Bidhi in the presence of the Pri…

Matri Puja, 10th Feb, 2016