Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Matri Puja, 10th Feb, 2016

10TH February, 2016 (Matri Puja)
The most anticipated, most eagerly awaited Matri Puja for the Students of Cl-X was observed on 10th of Feb, 2016. 71 students came to attend the puja with their mothers. The principal of the Vidyalaya welcomed the guardians and the guests from APT.
Shri Krishna Kumar, Cluster in charge, VKVAPT conducted the puja bridhi successfully. Shri P.M. Unnikrishnan ,education officer emphasised the importance of the Puja to uphold values like Matri Devo Bhava, Pitri Devo Bahvo, Rashtradevo Bhava values by the students at crucial times of their lives.
The purpose of the Puja was to infuse the importance and role of the importance  of mothers in their life and pay due respect to her in the family at all points of life.

Education Officer of VKVAPT addressing the Student

Students Performing Matri Puja