Friday, 20 May 2016

NCC CATC – 1 Camp held at JNV Moran 

(10th to 18th May, 2016)

Six students (girls) of Class IX of our Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya , Dibrugarh participated under the guidance of Sri Prasanta Kr. Nath, 3rd Officer, NCC, and teacher of our Vidyalaya.

Achievement of our students:

1.         Group Dance: First Prize
                        1)         Kum. Astha Bora        
2)         Kum. Lupamudra Das

2.         Speech Competition:  
                        1)         First Prize:       Kum. Swastika Sarmah
                        2)         Third Prize:      Kum. Murchanna Baruah

3.         Art Competition:         First Prize
                        1)         Kum. Swastika Sarmah

4.         Solo Song:        First Prize
                        1)         Kum. Swastika Sarmah

5.         Anchoring/ Host Competition:            First Prize
                        1)         Kum.Swastika Sarmah

6.         Best cadet of the Camp :
                        1)         Kum. Swastika Sarmah

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