Monday, 3 September 2018

Janmasthami Celebration
3rd September, 2018

A brief cultural programme was conducted in VKV Dibrugarh for Janmasthami or Gokulastami on 03/09/2018. Dr. Narayan Upadhyaya, former principal, AMC, Dibrugarh and. HOD of AMC (NEUROLOGY) dept. was present on the occasion as a chief guest. In his speech interestingly, Dr. Upadhyaya spoke on the significance and importance of gita chanting. He said the Gita’ and the messages in it are lessons of life for small children. He gave the example of Arjun who was taught the philosophy of life and its underlying value by lord Krishna. He encouraged practicing gita chanting by student’s every day, without any restrictions and rigidness.  He also addressed teacher for anger management of students by practicing the ideals highlighted in gita which anger is destructing & disillusionary. 

Krishna Bhajan , Sattriya Dance , Bharatnatyam were highlights of the programme. The anchor of the programme delivered vote of thanks on behalf of the school administration, thanking the chief guest, as well as parents for preparing the children in colorful dresses and making their presence encouraging for the children. Rangoli and Dahi Handi competition were the highlights of the programme.

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