Monday, 3 June 2019

Vyaktitva Vikas Shibir (PDC) for Class VI

28th May to 1st June, 2019

Vyaktitva Vikas Shibir (PDC) started from 28th May to 1st June, 2019 for the students of Class VI (2019-20) in our Vidyalaya in which trainings were given to the students on Yoga Abhyas, chanting Slokas, Geet abhyas etc. “Boudhik Satras” were conducted for the students, in this satra Guests are invited to take sessions for the students.  Su. Aparna Didi, Secretary, VKVAPT took session with an interesting and motivational story of ‘the Lion and the Goat’ and explained the moral of the story. She narrated another story of ‘the Proudy Saint’, through this story she conveyed the message that whatever task is assigned to us we should do it sincerely and never to do or think ill of others. She also interacted with the students and asked few questions where students participated actively. She also shared stories of Swamiji.

Sri Ravindranat D. Savdeykar, Principal, VKV Dibrugarh took session on “Samskar Varga our duty”, Sri R. M. Thakre, Vice Principal, VKV Dibrugarh took sessions on “Leadership Qualities”, Smt. Manisha G. Saikia, Counselor, VKV Dibrugarh took her session on “Swacchata hi Sewa”, Sri Shasanka Roy, Vice Principal, VKV dibrugarh took session on “Vivekananda Shila Smarak our Rastriya Gaurav”, Smt. Rajkumari Sharma, teacher of VKV Dibrugarh took her session on ''Bharatiya Sanskriti'', Sri Biren Saikia, teacher, VKV  Dibrugarh took session on “Sanskar Varga”. Other session for students were on Introduction of Swamiji, Swamiji represented our country globally, Qualities of Swamiji : courageous, patriotic, humanity, brevity etc., Mentioned various inspiring stories of Vivekananda : ghost in the mango tree, story of snake etc, Swamiji’s own experiences.

Valedictory programme was organized on 1st June, 2019 where the Parents of the Class VI students were invited. The programme started with manglacharanam, ekya mantra, sibir geet by the participants. Dr. Saikat Patra, General Medicine Doctor of Dibrugarh was the chief guest of the programme. Introduction of the chief guest and speech as well as words of motivation by our respected chief guest. Yoga demonstration, patriotic song, bhajan and two short skits from Swamiji’s life incidents were performed by the students. Experience sharing by the participants as well as by the parents was also the part of the programme. The programme was very successful and each & every student participated in the activities of valedictory programme actively. Valedictory programme concluded with a speech and “giving vote of thanks”. Total participants were 63.

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