Thursday, 25 November 2021


Sanakar varga is conducted for the students in the vidyalaya every Sunday. The main aim of the varga is to create more Karyakartas and too inculcate in them leadership qualities. Sanskar varga as the names suggests, truly enriches young minds with our rich culture. It helps enhance a child’s well being, teach life skills and helps them tap their potential to learn and grow. We conducted an offline Sanskar varga session on 21st November 2021 after reopening of vidyalaya after the lockdown. Students chanted Gita shlokas, performed yoga asanas, played games and shared meaningful stories in the session.

A child's character development cannot happen in the classroom alone. The qualities of character develop at different level by observing experiencing and though interaction of family, school, community influences and the child's experiences. Such sessions are a good foundation for a child’s good character and happy successful life.



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