Wednesday, 12 June 2019

AAVP Workshop (Cluster Level) 
8th to 11th June, 2019 

The AAVP workshop, 2019 was held in our Vidyalaya from 8th to 11th June, 2019. Principal Sir Sri Ravindranath D. Savdeykar addressed the crowd and welcomed the guest schools. He also spoke about the purpose of the workshop. He encouraged the participants with lots of examples and valuable thoughts. He motivated them to be forever curious in their lives as it is a quality that inspires people to learn new things. He introduced the master trainers Sri Deep Dutta, Asstt. Teacher, VKV Dibrugarh and Smt. Mallika Khandelwal, Asstt. Teacher, VKV Golaghat. The participants and their guided teachers introduced themselves. 5 schools participated namely – VKV Dibrugarh, VKV Golaghat, VKV Majuli, VKV Doyang and VKV Sivasagar. 

Sessions were on Investigatory project, meaning of Science, different components of Pendulum, Classification skills, Collection projects, creative thinking exercise, brainstorming techniques etc. Students were divided into groups for group discussion and presentations. Students actively participated in number of group discussions, presentations, laboratory experiments etc. There were also paratasmaran, yogabhyas and bhaja sandhya for the participants. 

Sri Ravikant Altekar, Scientist from Bhava Atomic Research Centre (BARC) visited and observed the participants hands on experiments in the laboratory and guided them. He also shared his work experience with nuclear science and motivated the students for research work. He demonstrated activities and involved the students on learning the topic “Team Work” through an experiment. 

Towards the end, teachers and observers gave feedback to the students. Su. Aparna Didi, Secretary, VKVAPT also visited and explained about Science Investigatory Project and encouraged the participants, praised them and discussed some points on how to execute a project successfully. She also appreciated the students’ involvement and efforts in the workshop and concluded the same.

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