Thursday, 13 June 2019

Talk and Interaction Programme with Mananeeya Rekha Didi of VK Kanyakumari 
(12th June, 2019)
An interaction of the teachers was organized in the Vidyalaya on 12th June, 2019 with Man. Rekha Didi, Jevanvrati Karyakarta, VK Kanyakumari . Rekha didi hails from Jhansi, UP and extended her service intensively in the state of Arunachal Pradesh since 1995. She also gave a talk on “Ek Bharat – Vijay Bharat”. To extend her idea of her topic, she rehearsed the teachers with the challenges and construction behind the monument of Rock Memorial. She concluded with her address to teachers that teachers should always involve themselves in teaching. There is also the need of realize on the part of the teachers that learning is a continuous process and they should continue to learn for their students. She also emphasized that teachers should know how to talk and where to talk so that they can be successful.

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