Monday, 27 January 2020

71st Republic Day

 26th January, 2020

Republic Day is one of the prominent national festivals celebrated every year on January 26th with utmost enthusiasm and zeal at VKV Dibrugarh.

The school band escorted Principal Sir, Vice Principal sirs and senior teachers of the Vidyalaya to the ground where Principal sir, Sri Ravindranath D. Savdeykar unfurled the tricolour amidst a cheerful and proud crowd of teachers, students and parents.
Everyone saluted the National Flag, sung the National anthem and pledged themselves to upholding the honour and integrity, diversity and uniqueness that is “INDIA”.
Principal Sir in his speech spoke about the significance of the day and said that one must follow truth seeking approach. Whatever one’s problem or situation be, we need to try to seek truth, according to Swamiji. We should all join hands together to become one, together we make a family, families make up a society and societies together make up the whole country. We should be proud of our constitution and try to understand how our system is formed and how we have become the biggest democracy in the world. After the valuable speech the choir presented a patriotic song which reverberated the surroundings.
The celebration concluded with Shanti Mantra and everyone dispersed after Prasad with the image of the fluttering tricolour in their minds.

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