Saturday, 25 January 2020

Zonal Level Gita Chanting Competition

25th January, 2020

Zonal Level Gita Chanting competition was held at VKV Dibrugarh on 25th January, 2020 in the Sanskriti Sabhagriha. The hall was filled with participants from 7 schools namely, VKV Dhemaji, VKV Sadiya, VKV Baragolai, VKV Tinsukia, VKV Bokuloni, VKV Tingrai and VKV Dibrugarh. Sri Biren Saikia, Teacher, VKV Dibrugarh greeted everyone. The Principal, Dri Ravindranath D. Savdeykar  acknowledged that he believed the students have made their efforts and have come prepared thoroughly for the competition and wished them good luck. He also shared his thought that he felt that not only the participants but also the teachers should also know the mantras of Gita chanting. After the welcome address the competition began wherein a total number of 21 students participated from among 7 schools. 

The judges of the competition were Dr. Adity Baruah, Sanskrit Dept., Dibru College, Smt. Madhumita Borthakur Goswami, Sanskrit Dept., Dibru College and Sri Babu Nayak, Teacher of Dibrugarh Branch Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi. After the competition one of the judges Smt. Madhumita Borthakur Goswami addressed the participants and the audience. She appreciated the student’s efforts and also congratulated all of them. She especially acknowledged the commendable effort of the two participants who chanted 47 slokas. Prize distribution ceremony took place thereafter. Kum. Aaradhya Sharma of Class IV B of our Vidyalaya won the Proficiency Prize. The participants left the audience mesmerized.

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